This past month was my dog Zoë’s birthday. Zoë isn’t just my companion. It was Zoë who first IMG_6122alerted me to a lump in my breast. I write in my book that I was lying on the couch with my hand under my head, watching a movie, when my twenty-five-pound dog Zoë walked on top of me and started pawing at my left breast. I remember thinking it was strange. What the heck was Zoë doing? It was one of those moments that I had an intuitive feeling I was supposed to pay attention to. For some reason I trusted my gut and started to massage my left breast for a quick second. It was then that I first discovered a small round BB sized lump in the upper left hand section of my breast. The mammogram I would have a week later did not report Zoë’s find, but a sonogram did. I have Zoë to thank for making me take that extra step and following through with a sonogram.

So I say “Happy 5th Birthday” to the girl who saved my life.