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Getting healthy doesn’t have to feel overwhelming, and my version of healthy isn’t yours. You can be happy and healthy no matter what’s going on in your life, and I can show you how.

As I traveled around the country for readings and signings after writing my book, I found my message resonated with anyone looking for ideal health, not just cancer patients and survivors.

Whether your group is five or five million, I can help.
Got a virtual or in-person book-club? I’d love to be your guest speaker.

By putting a breast cancer survivor who’s healthier and happier than ever in front of your audience, they’ll want to start living better today, and take action.

Through practical nutrition and lifestyle tools, guests will learn how to have more energy, feel calm and happy, and have the focus to get that promotion, bring their business to a whole new level, or really, whatever they put their minds to.

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