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The first thing I want you to know is that this website isn’t about cancer, it’s about living a vibrant life regardless of your circumstances.

I’m here to teach you how to redefine healthy for yourself so you can start living on your own terms and feeling energized and happy every day.

In December 2010, my dog Zoe walked on top of me while I was laying on the couch – something she never does.

She immediately started pawing at my left breast and I felt a lump.

A few weeks later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.


I’m a certified health coach. How can a health coach wind up with breast cancer?

I was shocked.

Looking at my naked reflection in the mirror after the diagnosis, I felt like a fool that didn’t appreciate her body. My body had given birth (at home, no less) to three healthy children, and had run multiple half marathons.

Now, this same body was going to go through cancer.

After the diagnosis, I decided I wasn’t going to be a victim. Cancer sucked, but I was going to make it suck less.

Learn how and why it applies to you, even if you’ve never had cancer.

It was time to show myself incredible self-care. Cancer was my avenue to a whole new level of self-love, and the first step was new rituals and thought patterns.

By going through cancer treatment, all the nonsense fell away and the important things emerged: Living a happy, healthy, loving life and feeling my absolute best as often as possible.

Now, as a healthy living advocate, author, speaker and certified health coach, it’s my mission to teach people how to redefine healthy and be the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves.

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my story

I didn’t grow up healthy. Dinner was usually meat and potatoes – maybe a canned vegetable – and I thought cake from scratch meant opening a box of Duncan Hines.

In my first job out of college, I was an account supervisor at an ad agency and my biggest client was a major fast-food brand. How’s that for irony?

Breakfast was usually a pastry and coffee, lunch was a sandwich from the local deli, and “dinner” was appetizers from a local bar while having drinks with coworkers.

what i do

I was always known as the healthiest girl in the room: I ate right, exercised, grew my own organic vegetables, and even birthed my kids naturally at home.

After my diagnosis, my perspective on health changed and I had to redefine what it means to be healthy and how I could feel my best as a person with unique needs.

As a healthy living advocate, certified health coach, breast cancer survivor, author and speaker, I write books and give talks that inspire people to live their healthiest, happiest lives through practical nutrition and lifestyle tools.

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Who I Am

Healthy living advocate, momma, wife, proud cancer survivor, leader of the Redefining Healthy Movement, author, speaker and certified health coach.

I went from busy advertising account manager to CEO of my body and my home.

I’m proud to create and nurture my household so my three kids and husband can define healthy for themselves and feel amazing every day.

What’s Next

If you know you could be feeling much healthier and happier than you do right now, I want to talk to you.

The easiest way to get bite size health and wellness tips that actually work is by joining me for my virtual event, Redefining Healthy, where myself and a group of experts give you unexpected, delightful and digestible tips for healthy living.

I’ve spoken at live events, in living rooms and on national television.

Whether you have five people who need to upgrade their health or an audience of five million, I can make an impact.

By putting a cancer survivor (me) who’s healthier and happier than ever in front of your people, they’ll be inspired to start living better today.

If I can do it, anyone can.


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