So Things I’ve Been Up To

It’s been a very long winter here in New York.

Warmer weather is a very welcome site.

Along with fun sites are my pictures and book featured in two national magazines!

Live Happy Magazine interviewed me about how I created my Dream (environmentally friendly) Kitchen after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

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In Massage Therapy Magazine I talked about the benefits of positive touch while undergoing cancer treatments.

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I never envisioned myself as an author or as someone who is now calling herself a “Healthy Living Advocate”

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I remember last summer when the book, Radical Remission, by Dr. Kelly Turner was released I devoured it cover to cover. I has become THE book I recommend to people who reach out to me about a cancer diagnosis.  Click HERE to read about my reaction when I attended Dr. Turner’s lecture in New York City last month.

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I am creating a community for people to feel healthy in their bodies now…not when!

Join me as I launch another virtual 10-day Redefining Healthy event starting late June.

Be on the lookout for some super fun Redefining Healthy prompts.