Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend

The last real conversation we had was to wish each other a Happy Birthday.

Although one of my dearest friends is no longer living that doesn’t mean I won’t be celebrating her life tomorrow.

Peggy Buresh and I met over 5 years ago and became fast friends. I still laugh at the irony that two of the healthiest people in the room developed cancer. Neither one of us fit the profile…we both lead very healthy lives.

photoAlthough having cancer sucks, cancer did not suck the life out of Peggy. Instead, Peggy did the things that made her happy right up until she took her last breath. After Peggy was diagnosed, she renewed her wedding vows to her loving husband, saw her youngest daughter graduate college, and celebrated as her eldest daughter graduated medical school. She traveled to Indonesia the summer prior to her diagnosis with her family on a mission trip. She was so excited to have her kitchen updated by caring neighbors and was thrilled to start a garden in her backyard. Having cancer caused Peggy to take the time to spend time and energy on things she really valued…talk about #RedefiningHealthy.

I don’t think it’s ironic that I’m about to launch a virtual event that inspires people to think about health in unexpected and delightful ways around Peggy’s (and my) birthday.

Peggy was not afraid to die; she was too busy living and loving life to be fearful about dying.

I still have the message Peggy left for me the night of my book launch; it now takes on a whole new meaning:

“Although I can’t be with you physically, I want you to know I’m by your side celebrating you.”

I know she is by my side and cheering me on to inspire others with my mission of  #RedefiningHealthy.

Happy Birthday my dear friend.