Be Grateful for the Little Things

I am always trying to show gratitude for all that has happened to me since my book was published a little over a year ago. Last April I was featured in a 2 page spread in Yoga Journal UK. I jumped for joy when the thick airmail package came that contained the magazine itself. I remember the joy I felt when I saw my face and read the article; it was very surreal to me. Yes, I was ecstatic to be interviewed in a whole other country about my book, but deep down I felt like…oh it’s just the UK.

photoAll that changed last week. Let me explain.

For my daughter Emily’s 16th birthday we trekked over to London to celebrate. We were seeing the sites, enjoying all that London has to offer when we walked into a store to grab some postcards. I walked up to pay for my purchases and the magazine rack caught my eye.

Right in front of me was a Yoga Journal! Mind you it wasn’t the one I was in, but still…there was THE magazine that I was in! I stared at the rows and rows of magazines and thought how cool is that….My little book that was just meant to be read by my family and closest friends was made its way all the way to the UK.

It took me six months and to be psychically in the UK to fully feel excited and really feel proud for what I have accomplished.

It got me thinking about what else I am not celebrating fully…. What on a daily basis am I not giving myself credit for doing? I am so quick to beat myself up for things, but what if I changed that mindset?

What if I started feeling proud for the little things I do, and this way I can work my way up to the big events…because you never know what is in store for me!


And…because I know you are eager to read it…here is the article from Yoga Journal! Enjoy!

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